Thanks for stopping by. Michael would be here to greet you personally but his rash is back, but he did leave this message...

"Hello everyone. Check out all the exciting stuff on this page. There are plenty of pictures of me, some video of me, some thoughtful observations by me, and plenty more of me everywhere you look. Enough Michael Morlock to keep all the little people out there happy until my triumphant return. Peace out peasants."

Michael Morlock knew from the time he was a young boy that he was different. While other children were out playing silly kid's games, Michael was busy exploring the deep, dark secrets of his Uncle's closet. The things he found there had a profound effect on his developing mind and steered him forever onto a road of strange events and unnatural occurrences.
"Ghosts, demons, vampires, they're all out there and only my death will stop me from exposing them. That and running out of grant money."
Join Michael as he investigates all manner of supernatural phenomena, from Corporate Vampires, to Ghost Chickens and everything in between. If you are willing to watch with an open mind, you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about the dark corners of our world. Michael Morlock, American Hero, or deeply troubled individual. You decide.
"I give you my personal guarantee that you will embrace this film and treat it as a member of your own dysfunctional family. If not, I will personally give you a stern lecture (if you're a guy) or a hot oil rub down (if you're a lady.)"