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November 10

Big thanks to the Smoky Mountain Film Fest where Boomstick's Feature film DOCTOR SPINE was honored!

  • Winner: Best Feature Film
  • Winner: Best Editing
  • Nominated: Best Director
  • Nominated: Best Actor
  • Nominated: Best Music
October 27
SPADES is released! Check out the website for details!
August 29th
WEAK ENDS, a short film and part of the upcoming DARK COUNTY project takes "Best Short Film" at the Smokey Night Film Festival.
August 25th
DOCTOR SPINE is released upon the world on this date! Check out the website to learn how you can view this multi-award winning film! Released by R Squared Distribution.
Happy 2015 from Boomstick Films!
September 27th
John Wesley Norton received a "Best Writing" Nomination at this year's Chicago Horror Film Fesitval for his 20 minute short film and DARK COUNTY exerpt YOU CAN'T LIVE WITH THEM. Thanks to everyone involved at the fest!
September 12th
Boomstick Films' short film MERCHANDISE screened at the Montreal Comicon this year thanks to Tony Wash and the fine folks overseeing the World Of Death Project (click to learn more). We look forward to many more WOD screenings around the world!
July 12th

Boomstick Films had FIVE films screened at this year's Prairie State Film Festval! The feature film DOCTOR SPINE, as well as four short films that are part of John Wesley Norton's DARK COUNTY project. MERCHANDISE, THE MECHANIC, THE HARMONIZERS, and NEW MOMMY.

  • Winner: Best Feature Film - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Winner: Best Music - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Winner: Best Supporting Actress for Cyn Dulay - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Nominated: Best Prairie State Film - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Nominated: Best Director for John Wesley Norton - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Nominated: Best Actor for Michael Wexler - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Nominated: Best Supporting Actor for Kris Desautels - DOCTOR SPINE
  • Nominated: Best Cinematography for John Wesley Norton - NEW MOMMY
  • Nominated: Best Sound - MERCHANDISE
  • Nomnated: Best Editing for John Wesley Norton - DOCTOR SPINE

July 1st
Boomstick Films is proud to be associated with 4Lizard Productions on the feature film FANGS VS. SPURS, written & directed by Patrick Love. John Wesley Norton is serving as the Director of Photography on this flick as well as helping out as a Producer. To see our promo video CLICK HERE! More info coming soon!!!
November 23rd
John Wesley Norton appears on the Picking Brains Podcast hosted by filmmaker/podcaster Brad Slaton. To listen to John's episode where he discusses Boomstick Stuff click HERE!
November 15th
We would like to thank everyone for all of their support during our ABC'S OF DEATH 2 CONTEST! We were the only team to produce FOUR films for the contest! We did...AWESOME!
June 10th
Spook Show Entertainment held their LAUGH OR DIE/LAUGH OUT LOUD event in DeKalb last weekend. Boomstick Filmswas honored to be part of the event. DOCTOR SPINE received a BEST DIRECTOR Nomination for myself as well as a Nomination for BEST ACTOR for Michael Wexler! MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD received a DIRECTOR'S CHOICE award as well as a BEST ACTOR WIN for Darryl Giambalvo! Ongoing thanks to everyone associated with the fest and BOOMSTICK FILMS!
April 8th

John Wesley Norton was recently a guest on a very interesting independent film podcast IT CAME FROM THE UNDERGROUND! John talks about his career, filmmaking in general, film distribution and many other topics. Check out John's episode HERE.

April 4th
New TEASER TRAILER for Boomstick Films new feature drama DRIFTED. Check it out on the official Website!
March 2nd

Boomstick Films scores BIG at this year's Chicago Indie Horror Film Festival, with 3 wins!

  • BEST MUSIC - Brandon McCauley, DC McAuliff, Alan Jones, Skinwalker, Stars of Sirius and Travesty for DOCTOR SPINE!
  • BEST DIRECTOR - John Wesley Norton for SPADES!
October 31st
FESTIVAL NEWS! DOCTOR SPINE receives a BEST FEATURE FILM nomination at the Madison Horror Film Festival in Madison Wisconsin! The film will screen Nov. 3rd!
October 23rd
DISTRIBUTION NEWS! PARANORMAL CALAMITY was released today in both BLOCKBUSTER and FAMILY VIDEO STORES! Distribution via streaming services are slated for December. Go out and RENT or BUY online!
September 30th

BOOMSTICK FILMS receives 4 awards at this year's Chicago Horror Film Festival!

September 28th
We are pleased to annouce that DOCTOR SPINE is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at this year's Madison Horror Film Festival in Madison Wisconsin! The fest is Nov. 3rd and 4th and will feature hosts and Boomstick Alumni Tiffany Shepis and Robert Z'Dar! We hope to see all of you there!
September 26th

We are proud to announce that BOOMSTICK FILMS is the recipient of a truly humbling ELEVEN NOMINATIONS at this year's Chicago Horror Film Festival, for our films SPADES and DOCTOR SPINE! The nominations are as follows...

August 25th
Both DOCTOR SPINE and SPADES are OFFICIAL SELECTIONS at this year's Chicago Horror Film Festival! The three-day fest runs from September 28th to the 30th. Screening schedules will be announced soon. Hope to see you all there!
August 21st
MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD will be screening at the Afterlife Paranormal Conference and Film Festival! The date is October 5th, 5:30pm at the Portage Theater, Chicago. There are also a lot of other great films and events going on that day so come check it out!
August 11th
PARANORMAL CALAMITY WINS "BEST PRAIRIE STATE FILM" at the PRAIRIE STATE FILM FESTIVAL! Congratulations to everyone involved with that project! Look for it on DVD and VOD October 23rd!
August 7th

FESTIVAL NEWS!  PARANORMAL CALAMITY has just received a mind blowing NINE NOMINATIONS at this years PRAIRIE STATE FILM FESTIVAL! The nominations are as follows:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Director for John Wesley Norton
  • Best Prairie State Film
  • Best Actor for Michael Wexler
  • Best Actress for Jen Torchia
  • Best Supporting Actor for Tony Brown
  • Best Supporting Actress for Rosa Frausto
  • Best Sound
  • Director's Choice Award
July 31st
John Wesley Norton's original screenplay FUNNY LIFE has been nominated for BEST SCREENPLAY at this years NAPERVILLE INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL.
July 26th
DOCTOR SPINE is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at this year's NAPERVILLE FILM FESTIVAL! Tentative screening time is Sunday, Sept. 16th at 8:25pm! Boomstick Films would like to express their heartfelt thanks to the selection committee at this years NIFF!
July 23rd
SPADES has been invited to screen at the NAPERVILLE FILM FESTIVAL on Sept. 15th, 7:30pm at the HOLLYWOOD BLVD. THEATER in Woodridge! We don't know how many more local screening this film will have but just in case this is it...come watch it and show some support to local festivals!
July 16th
PARANORMAL CALAMITY will open the PRAIRIE STATE FILM FESTIVAL this year on August 11th at The PORTAGE THEATER in Chicago! Screening time is 9:15am so get plenty of sleep the night before! Get up early and come hang out with us!
June 12th
PARANORMAL CALAMITY gets an official Street Date! Look for this sexy, supernatural comedy on DVD and VOD OCTOBER 23rd from ITN DISTRIBUTION!
March 24th - 25th

NOT ANOTHER B MOVIE was a late entry into this years INDIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL and recieved 3 NOMINATIONS! For "BEST COMEDY," as well as "BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR" for David Faustino and "BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS" for Lindsay Gareth.  Congratulation to everyone involved with NABM!

January 14th
HUGE SUCCESS! At the SPADES and DOCTOR SPINE screening and 2nd Annual Boomstick Films Holiday Party! Both films were received exceptionally well. If you attended, Thank You! If you did not, you can see what you missed HERE.
November 15th
BOOMSTICK FILMS has signed with INT Distribution to distribute PARANORMAL CALAMITY! They have secured both domestic and foreign rights. We look forward to a great relationship with them!
September 25th
MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD WINS Festival Director's Choice Award and the Chicago Horror Film Festival! Check HERE for details!
September 3rd
The Chicago Horror Film Festival has just announced it's 2011 Award Nominees and Boomstick Films has received FIVE NOMINATIONS! Congratulations to everyone involved with these productions! The Nominees are...
  • Best Comedy Horror - PARANORMAL CALAMITY
  • Festival Directors Choice Award - MICAHEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD
August 30th
The Sycamore Film Festival fairly new, but very professionally run, has selected Michael Morlock's Supernatural World to be included in their fest! Very cool!
June 12th
SPADES is WRAPPED! Now going into Post Production. We would like to thank all who survived the very long shooting days. It will be worth it.
April 9th
A great time was had by all at this small but very fun event hosted by Euginio's Pizza in Cary, IL. John Wesley Norton joined James Vallo, Robert Z'Dar, Z.D. Smith and comic book legend Bill Reinhold to sign autographs and talk about various aspects of their respective fields..CLICK HERE to view the event poster.
March 10th
MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD is an Official Selection of the 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival! Save the Dates - September 23rd - 25th! Learn more about this film HERE!
March 5th
PARANORMAL CALAMITY wins "Best Comedy Film," and "Best Actress," for the lovely Rosa Frausto, at the Indy Horror Film Festival in DeKalb IL.  We had a great time and met a lot of interesting and talented people. Congratulations to everyone involved!
December 20th
We would like to thank everyone who came out and had a good time at our 1st annual BOOMSTICK FILMS HOLIDAY PARTY. We had celebrity guests, a great band, wonderful food, and information on current and upcoming Boomstick projects! To see what all the fuss was about, click on the EVENT FLYER!
October 4th
Tonight, PARANORMAL CALAMITY was screened at the beautiful Portage Theater in Chicago as part of the Naperville Independent Film Festival's "Best of the Fest" series. We would like to thank the festival's organizers for putting the film up on the big screen twice for us.
October 3rd
MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD was screened this event at the historic Egyptian Theater in DeKalb IL. on a double bill with Willy Adkins film, I HUNT GHOSTS. A great time was had by all. This was a charity event with all proceeds going to the Egyptian Theater.
September 18th-21st
John Wesley Norton wins "BEST SCREENPLAY" at the Naperville Film Festival for his script entitled, APPARITION. View John's acceptance speech HERE.

Boomstick Films screened PARANORMAL CALAMITY at this year's Naperville Film Festival. We had a great turnout and wonderful audience reactions. Thank you all for attending and for your kind comments.

SPACED OUT was screened at the Naperville Film Festival as well this year. Written by Scott Grenke and John Wesley Norton, Directed by Scott Grenke, and produced by Grenke, James Vallo and Robert Foreman, this film is a lot of fun and we say "Thanks!" to everyone who came out to support it.
May 5th
MICHAEL MORLOCK'S SUPERNATURAL WORLD wins "Best Feature Film" at the Indy Horror Film Festival! Congratulations to everyone involved in the film, which by the way, is available for Purchase on Amazon.com as well as This Website.


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